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Free Sokoban and Hexoban implementation
for Windows 95/98/NT/2K/XP/7

by George Petrov

Free Sokoban implementation for Windows 95/98/NT/2K/XP/7

Last modification on 2023.10.31

Last versions

YSokoban v1.847 (2023.10.31)
SokoDUP v1.31 (2015.07.06)
SokoXform v1.05 (2020.01.02)
Last skin added (2012.11.20)

YSokoban program description, history and download, i.e. sokoban part of this site.

What's new

Free Hexoban implementation for Windows 95/98/NT/2K/XP

Last modified on 5 Jan 2005

Last versions

YHexoban v1.17 (05.Jan.2005)
HexoDUP v1.02 (05.Jun.2005)
Last skin 29.Apr.2003, Metalica

Hexoban program description, history and download, i.e. hexoban part of this site.

What's new


Last version

YSudoku v3.01 (2021.03.12)
YSudoku mobile (23.Sep.2007)

Sudoku program and download, i.e. sudoku part of this site.


Download winmine, well known minesweeper.
Modified so that one can play it with 2 button mouse (middle mouse button is not needed because right button does it).
User can enlarge window, so that it is more comfortable on high resolution screens (MS minesweeper is too small on 1400/1050 on my laptop).


Download YMahjong v 1.01 for windows (implemented with FLTK).
Download YMahjong v 1.01 for linux (implemented with FLTK)
YMahjong for android (2.0+) v 1.15.02 (does not require any permissions)


GOMOKU AKA Five-In-Line (see wikipedia for rules if you don't know them).
Download YGOmoku v 1.02 for windows
Mobile version of GOMOKU (midp2)

Switch keyboard language

YLngSwitch description and download.
This program is for those who use more than one language to type on a keyboard.
As we all know we use alt-shift (or ctrl-shift) to switch languages, but it will be much better if we can use just one key.

DETAB: command line tool for programmers

Download detab v3.04 (2019.12.30)
Replace tabs with spaces, remove trailing spaces, fix line endings ...

Replacement for Tray Clock in Windows XP, Windows 7 and 10

Replace tray clock in Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10

A wiki implementation for windows

wiki for windows (MediaWiki formatting rules)


Links to other Sokoban or Hexoban implementations.

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