v 1.46

for Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10

Recently I have found that using vertical task bar is much more useful than using horizontal task bar.
There is much more space for task buttons (started applications) plus there is enough space for "Quick Launch" toolbar. One more important thing is that now there is usually (with wide screen monitors) more horizontal space, which is not efficiently used. I prefer task bar on the left side, but it is not that important. The thing is that with vertical taskbar I have a huge space for clock which is nearly empty:

I try to find some way to format whatever I have inside clock, but to my surprise there is no way to do that. Then I try to find some external programs. I have found few (TClockEx, TClockLight), but they didn't do what I want (plus they do not work for win7). I want to have big clock and small info about weekday (plus calendar week, because this is something I need). So I decide to make it by myself. Here you can download my implementation. Before starting program please take a look inside .ini file, there you will find a format specifiers (how to customize it). With my settings you will get something like this:
If you use horizontal task bar then it might look like this (there is no enough room for everything with horizontal bar):
Clicking on clock you will get calendar (like this):
Click again on clock to close it. Use mouse wheel to change months, or click on buttons to change years, months ([!] button jumps to today)

Download YTrayClock Tray replacement for tray clock.

Stopping a program can be done by clicking with middle mouse button (usually wheel) on clock or by starting program for second time (it will ask whether to stop already running instance).

Installation for version 1.11+:

Unzip in some folder and start YClockTray 32 or 64 depending on OS. Then start YTrayClockOptions and modify options.
Read YTrayClock.html which is inside zip as a manual.

2022.11.141.46Added: Configurable colors for internal calendar.
2022. handle display change message (WM_DISPLAYCHANGE).
2022.06.211.45Change: trunc leading/trailing spaces of a timezone name; added ZN format.
2022. handle change size of original clock; use display language for timezones.
2022.01.251.44Change: added check box for anti aliased font in options dialog.
2022. default font set to Arial.
2022. some problems with fonts
2021.12.311.43.03Bugfix: support for black text color on win 7/10
2021. double adjust tooltip in case of dual display with different DPI
2021. adjust tooltip position (first time show and when size changed)
2021.04.041.43Added: Support for timezone formats (abbreviation, bias).
2021. incorrect handling of reset Y in some cases.
2021. wrong week number (again), now fixed and tested all days up to 2050.
2021. wrong week number; correct font size for internal calendar on DPI > 96.
2021. wrong week number.
2020.07.111.42Change: Options program recompiled to please some anti viruses to not give false positive reports.
2020.06.151.42Change: Options program recompiled to please some anti viruses to not give false positive reports.
2020.04.041.42Added: cell separators; vertically center cells (optional); cell ranking (to remove cells if there is not enough vertical space)
2020. hide system tooltip during YTrayClock startup (if present because mouse is over tray)
2019.12.231.41Handle: Turn clock on/off (for win7 and win10), from taskbar settings "Turn system icons on/off"
2019.11.111.40Added: Alarm when battery low (options in performance tab). Font color selection done with color dialog.
2019. tooltip it as top window when shown (hopefully fixes a problem with tooltip shown under other windows).
2019. Correctly adjust size when resizing taskbar under windows 10
2019.03.251.39Added: Possibility to configure mouse to show system tray menu.
2019. Wrong display of next alarm signaled once per week.
2018. Alarm without "expire time" not signaled.
2018. in case of change in time zone: restart YTrayClock only on windows XP.
2018. YTrayClock hides itself (but does not stop) on time zone change (and maybe in some other cases).
2018. win10 - handling multi screen DPI aware.
2018.09.231.38Added: Settings where and whether to show weekday names and week numbers in popup calendar.
2018.09.191.37Added: Set font for calendar (in options)
Added: Menu item for alarms (quick activation of options with Alarm tab opened)
Added: Scale font in win 10
Bugfix: Close popup menu (optins/exit YTrayClock) on click somewhere outside of the menu
2018.08.301.36Added: Support for different monitors (auto change settings depending on monitor type/resolution)
Added: Possibility to reset X/Y position of a cell.
Added: Set DPI aware for options and 64 bit YTrayClock.
Bugfix: Showing Win10 auto-hidden taskbar on mouse move over YTrayClock
Bugfix: Win10 YTrayClock does not show itself to second auto-hiding taskbar (when switching "show taskbar on all displays" on/off)
2018. Options does not always switch settings when changing between different taskbar instances (win 10)
2018.07.151.35Added: Command line parameters: start and stop;
Added: Alarm expire seconds (optional);
Added: Support for multiple taskbars (on multiple displays in win10).
2018.05.051.34Added: alarms
2018. A bug introduced in 1.33 (option replaces 1 with space, if program is configured to run on mouse click); remove string limit for program name and params
2018.03.181.33Bugfix: Execution of a program which has space in its' path (one shall put quotes around command)
2018.03.081.32Added: Customization for AM/PM Caps/Num/Scroll On/Off strings; Configurable mouse
2018.02.211.31Added: Ctrl-mouse click to open menu (not just middle mouse button)
Added: Custom color for clock items
Added: Custom tooltip
2017. do not to show tooltip after clicking on clock
2017. correct tooltip position in win XP and win 10
2017.07.301.30changed: by default open internal calendar on right mouse click (for new installation only);
added: show tooltip
2017.06.271.29added: forward mouse wheel messages from tray clock to internal calendar (so that mouse wheel will scroll calendar when using it over tray clock in win10); Bottom separator.
2017.03.151.28added: alternate color for battery load (when charging)
2017.02.131.27bugfix: seconds displayed correctly; show performance load bars without moving text (so they appear as background)
2017.02.121.26Added battery load graph (see options PerfMeter tab)
2017. works with Win10 anniversary
2017. better calculations for clock resize in horizontal taskbar if displayed string becomes bigger
2016.12.311.25.03Bugfix: resize clock (in horizontal taskbar) if displayed string becomes bigger
2016.10.311.25.02Bugfix: wrong calendar title when moving to next/prev month if current month has 31 days
2016. do not reset CPU load graphics on resize
2016.09.301.25Added: display CPU load
2016.09.261.24Bugfix: Do not close on unexpected WM_COMMAND message.
2016.07.241.23Added: Option to activate calendar on left or right mouse button (the other one will show the default OS calendar).
2015.08.241.22Update: immediate display of Caps/Num/Scroll lock keys if configured (before there were about 1 sec. delay).
2015.07.271.21Added: Option for flat tray
Added: Caps/Num/Scroll lock indicator
Added: Open calendar for today if closed for some specified time.
2015. and improvements.
2014.10.161.20Added: Support for multiple timezone times.
2014. react on timezone changes (use correct time).
2014. support for integration with YTaskMgr.
2014. Options menu does not crash when removing line.
2013. menu on middle mouse click.
2013.09.131.16Added: history graph for memory load.
2013.09.031.15Added: transparent TaskBar.
2013.09.011.14Added: show windows date/time dialog on right mouse click.
2013.09.011.13Added: support for negative values in above/below/left/right cells.
2013.08.261.12Added: memory load line (configurable)
2013. resize tray when moving taskbar (win 7 only problem)
2013. correct calculation of day when going from summer to winter time.
2013. error when trying to remove YTrayClock registry key with subkeys.
2013.08.161.11Added user interface to edit options. First start YTrayClock, then start options.
2013. show title on some win7 systems (perhaps with large font settings).
2013. fixed crash on some win7 computers.
2013. remove hideShowDesktop from registry if not in ini (before bugfix - once set, never removed).
2013. correctly handle nlines in vertical configuration.
2013.05.181.10Added: Configurable calendar title. Show calendar near to the clock.
2013.05.171.09Added: Stop running if explorer crashes more than 3 times in a row (means within 10 seconds).
Bugfix for dn calculation. Bugfix for using 'after' pixels in vertical taskbar.
2013.05.161.08Show Desktop button is not just hidden, but removed completely (if option says so). Added horizontal/vertical settings.
2013.05.151.07Added format specifier dn (day of week as number)
2013.05.141.06Added option to hide Show Desktop button (win 7)
2013. one pixel error on Aero theme (win7)
2013.05.121.05Improvement: Better handling of engrave/emboss/shadow on XP/7
2013. font weight does not work when followed by ';'
2013.05.101.04Windows 7 and XP versions available.
2013. calendar dialog is outside of monitors (including if top is outside of visible area), put it in nearest center.
2013. calendar dialog is outside of monitors, put it on primary.
2013. to make calendar dialog transparent.
2013.03.041.02Calendar dialog implemented.
2013.03.021.01Restart on explorer restart (with option inside ini).
2013.03.011.00Initial release.

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