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Hexoban & Sokoban solver by Paul Voyer

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Links to other Sokoban implementations


Hexoban & Sokoban solver by Paul Voyer

Other Sokoban implementations

XSokoban Home Page XWindows implementation of Sokoban - source code available
Sokoban ++ Windows implementation of Sokoban. There is a nice 3D (openGL) implementation of sokoban, give it a try.
Sokoban YASC by Brian Damgaard Windows implementation (Delphi source code available)
SokoSave by Eric Sunshine and Paul McCarthy for Macintosh and Windows
SokoMind Gerald Holler's implementation of Sokoban.
SokoFUN Another nice implementation of Sokoban.

Links to Sokoban levels

Many collections About 10000 levels.
Monthly competition in french (click on GB flag for English)
http://users.bentonrea.com/~sasquatch/sokoban/ David W. Skinner Sokoban page.
Aymeric Du Peloux's Sokoban puzzles page Additional Sokoban levels (page in french).
David Holland's Sokoban puzzles page Additional Sokoban levels.
Yoshio's Sokoban Page Additional Sokoban levels (more than 100).
http://grigr.narod.ru GRIGoRusha levels

YSokoban.atspace.com YSokoban solutions

Other links

XML parser Very good (small and fast) library for parsing XML files.

DrFoghs Sokoban pages Many sokoban related stuff. Levels, skins, program reviews.

YSokoban Home YHexoban

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