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Free Sokoban implementation for Windows 95/98/NT/2K/XP/7/8/10

Tested with Wine under Linux (Ubuntu 10.10)

Last modified on 2024.03.31
Current version of YSokoban is 1.848

There were two reasons to implement this version of Sokoban:

Brief description of features:

Download YSokoban YSokoban implementation for MS Windows

Since version 1.800 there is no special version of YSokoban to save window content as BMP/PNG file, it is integrated into YSokoban.
If you never use BMP/PNG version, then it is not important for you.
If you use it: for more details press F1 in YSokoban and search for "recording" or "screen shots".

Download non Unicode version of YSokoban. Since version 1.800, release package does not include non Unicode version.

Download non Unicode version in addition to standard package if you need it (i.e. if you still use Win 95). You do not need non Unicode version if you have Windows XP, Windows 7, Win 10.
So first download Unicode version of YSokoban then non Unicode version of YSokoban. and unzip in same folder (as Unicode one).

Some YSokoban skins. Standard skins (inside ysokoban.zip) are based on XSokoban.

Language packs for YSokoban.

Download YSokoban for mobile phone, java MIDP 2.0 only, experimental version 1.0.2.

YSokoban site with solutions.


2022.10.251.848Bugfix: macro stops working and does preform undo
Bugfix: exported positions changed
Bugfix: wrong display of a rotated level with skin which uses alternate wall.
2023.10.311.847Change: macro continues at the end of ()/{} even without *
Change: play macro button changes to stop when started
Added: command stopMacro
Bugfix: make mixed case Ctrl-L
Change: more optimization for RLE
2023.03.031.846Bugfix: correct copy/replay solution with forced moves (in some cases).
2022.10.251.845Added: new Macro command to autselect nearest box and push it to a target: use b(x,y) or b[x,y];
local macro variables: $macroname=macrotext.
2022.09.181.844Bugfix: YSokobanA - use language files YSokobanLng_xxx.i18n
Bugfix: solution exported (to clipboard) mixed case again.
2022.09.111.843Change: do not change move path during optimization if new one is not better.
2021.09.091.842Bugfix: Show empty solution when switching to level with less solutions then currently selected solution
Added: option for instant macro play.
2020.12.091.841Bugfix: selecting directory dialog is working again
Added: command to auto fill targets with neares boxes
2020.10.171.840Bugfix: pasting levels with push mode solution
Bugfix: wrongly mark boxes as moved during finding boxes to push
Bugfix: player validation
Change: Allow horizontal autoscroll in level textbox
2020.08.131.839Bugfix: respect options for best solution export for split files.
Bugfix: level edit box shall not loose focus on shift. Correct handling of commands starting with ctrl/alt/shift number.
2020.05.031.838Change: exe is not packed anymore (so size is bigger)
Change: Change in option to write best solutions (see help in options)
Added: Support for jpeg background
Bugfix: do not redraw YSokoban every second when level is solved and finished animation is switched off
Bugfix: pasting text (problems with unicode/ansi text)
Bugfix: in some cases pasting/replaying (ctrl-V/F2) needs to be pressed twice
2020.01.091.837Bugfix: on finished level do not show marks on used but not stepped (by man) cells
Added: default (English) command names and tips without translation file
2020.01.041.836Bugfix: "Stay on top" check sign in menu (not always shown correctly)
Added: *** sort *** to collection combo box
Added: configure keyboard shortcuts
Added: Support for substring packing (RLE with brackets)
Added: tooltip in player/collection combobox; Auto remove duplicate entries.
Added: can split packed solution on multiple lines (up to now it was always on a single line)
2019.08.251.835Added: Support for grouping in RLE encoded levels
Bugfix: memory corruption error
Bugfix: correctly draw background picture during recording
Bugfix: Show/Hide status/tool-bar works correctly (Ctrl-F11)
Bugfix: solution optimization
Bug and crash fixes: Selecting areas (Ctrl-mouse)
2019.05.041.834Added: Configurable user toolbar.
2019.02.251.833Added: Ctrl-O = Ctrl-D; Ctrl-mouse wheel zooms in/out (+shift zooms faster).
2019.02.171.832Added: slider for play (movement) speed.
2018.10.201.831Bugfix: wrong normalization when boxes > targets.
2018.10.131.830Added: Possibility to deleting solution (right click on solution).
2018.07.151.829Bugfix: ctrl-F12 does not have some garbage text in clipboard;
Bugfix: refresh ruler after changing orientation with keyboard;
Bugfix: correct push-format solution for left/right rotated and diagonal mirrored levels;
Bugfix: correctly show untouched and unstepped boxes (when level is solved).
2018.07.151.828Bugfix: pasting unicode characters preserved in registry.
Change: Improved expression in macro.
2018.05.201.827Bugfix: In some cases "play to" some move/push stops earlier.
2018.05.041.826Added: copy solution with push format: Ctrl-P/Alt-P/Ctrl-Alt-P - use push format (using go-thru, show-go-thru, do not use go-thru);
Added: show/count unused cells;
fix: screenshot of a full window is done better
2017.12.261.825Added: Support for skins with alternative flat wall (for internal flat walls).
2017.11.261.824Bugfix: Make undo stoppable during instant redo.
2017.10.141.823Change: in "play to" dialog (when right clicking on some of the counters): handle smaller number than the current one, doing undo in such a case.
Change: Handle "Collection" keyword per level (if specified per level).
Change: Option for "Save pasted" is not hidden.
2017.08.051.822Change: always make a screen shot of an entire level for level mode screen shot (even if there are scrollbars on screen).
2017.04.181.821Added: Background image.
2017.04.111.820Bugfix: bug in macro handling: @ does not pull man coordinates from stack (bug introduced in 1.808).
2017.01.231.819Added: Keep redo buffer on level change; Warn when level is changed during play (configurable: "Warn when changing level in progress:" OFF by default).
2016.12.271.818Added: a possibility to specify help folder in translation files
2016.11.281.817Bugfix: showing go-through boxes.
Added: Mark for boxes has changed - white: direct accessible, black: go-through, square - going through boxes
2016.11.221.816Bugfix: save pasted levels (if specified) in folder where YSokoban.exe is located if there is no absolute path provided.
2016.07.151.815Add possibility to mark boxes as not auto-selectable when finding pushable boxes.
2016.06.181.814bugfix: activate menu on left mouse click is now working (if selected from options).
added: play solution on double clicking solution label.
added: save pasted level to a file and/or folder (configurable).
added: put Author and Title in exported levels.
2016.04.301.813Bugfix: remove blinking "Calculation" dialog on right mouse click under Windows 10.
2016.02.161.812Change in solution url. Added file: levels.url to change it manually if needed.
2015.10.301.811Bugfix: crash when showing macro dialog without having language selected (bug introduced in 1.808)
2015.10.251.810Add option: Do not play animation during moves.
2015.09.021.809Bugfix: crash when entering 0 with numpad.
2015.08.161.808Bugfixes: undo problems in macros.
Added: if & while in macros (read "Conditional execution" in help)
Added: debug mode in macros
Added: support for alternative wall in skins (read help for more)
2015.07.261.807Added: skip C++ eoln style comments in macros (i.e. // ...)
Bugfix: undo problems in macros
Bugfix: reading non breaking spaces in unicode.
2015.05.301.806Added: report number of skipped solutions during import (because they are known or are not better than existing).
2015.03.071.805Added: special grid definition to allow different colors and grid on outside cell.
2015.01.251.804Bugfix: crash if too big number appears in sokoban level (accepted as RLE multiplyer).
2014.09.221.803Added option to use '-' instead of space when exporting levels.
2014.09.071.802Bugfix: Incorrect display for pushes in some rear cases (if level has a forced pushes), inline, steps and changes could also be wrong in such a case.
2014.06.021.801Bugfix: Incorrect handling of UNICODE files with long lines (more than 256 characters).
2014.03.241.800Bugfix: Wrong title for export options dialog.
Bugfix: Disable export levels menu options if there are no valid levels. Redraw level when invalid level is pasted.
Bugfix: Play solution with F2 for levels with forced pushes for levels that start with all boxes on targets.
Bugfix: Correct display (for some levels) of inline/change/shelding counters in solution (bottom right corner and export).
Bugfix: when resizing window use total desktop size (all monitors), not just primary.
Bugfix: display ruler on ctrl-R (not refreshed).
Bugfix: editbox in Select Folder Dialog (for png/bmp files) is working again (broken since Unicode version).
Bugfix: Write (record) move 0 when level changes.
Change: All in one version. No BMP/PNG versions anymore.
Added: support for help (F1) which brings default browser with a local help files.
Added: Level number in png/bmp filename.
Added: hot key to make a screen-shots for entire collection and another one to make a screenshot (without starting recording).
Added: Special marking for recording (Window/Level mode), mouse click on it will start/stop recording.
Added: Supports command line parameters: -bmp, -png, -norec, -w, -l
2014.01.141.717Bugfix: Auto preserved moves are undoable step by step (up to now they were just one step for all auto saved moves).
Bugfix: Show statistics numbers after changing language. Set correctly menu items to enabled/disabled or checked/non checked.
Bugfix pasting unicode text (broken in 1.716)
Added: support for unicode collection files.
Added: Localization for Select Skin file dialog.
2014.01.011.716Bugfix: Accept RLE encoded levels again (broken since ... perhaps never works for Unicode version: 1.700).
2013.12.141.715Bugfx: Incorrect refresh after mirroring (and maybe some other cases). Bug introduced in prev version.
2013.12.081.714Improved: Less blinking (flickering) on level change.
Added: Remember orientation for bookmarked levels.
2013.11.011.713Bugfix: does not preserve same solution twice (happens in some rear cases).
Added: Export/Import of options.
Change: Optimized solution load (important only for huge solutions: millions of moves, max 256 million moves allowed).
2013.09.221.712Added: internationalized import dialog (cancel button, and some text shown when importing unsolvable levels).
2013.09.171.711Bugfix: incorrect resizing of "level" and "player" labels when using large buttons (few pixels over play board).
2013.09.151.710Added: support for non breaking levels connecting by line with '-' or '_'.
2013.09.061.709Added: Ctrl-mouse click on spin buttons (level editbox) will go to next/prev unsolvable.
2013.09.061.708Bugfix: handle numpad numbers correctly (do not switch focus); Change: Ctrl-up/down same as Ctrl-Shift-up/down.
2013.08.081.707Improved support for unsolvable levels (see history). Added: Support for absolute coordinates in macro: @(x,y).
2013.06.061.706Added: During export filter additionally invalid levels (non closed) if filter unsolvable levels option is set.
2013.06.041.705Bugfix: Does not always close clipboard, as a result sometimes clipboard becomes not accessible (till closing YSokoban).
2013.05.251.704Added: Support for portable version (preserve settings in ini file instead of registry, read ReadMe.txt for more info). Bugfix in png file generation (first column of a PNG was with alpha channel = 0).
2013.05.151.703Added: Preserve separately IM button for different YSokoban versions (state for normal, BMP and PNG is preserved separately).
2013.05.121.702Bugfix: crash when showing cell coordinates (always in BMP/PNG version, not reported for YSokoban, but bug is there).
2013.05.061.701Added: Preserve state of IM button. Change: default number of solutions to remember (per criteria) for a level is set to 10.
2013.05.061.700Unicode version of YSokoban.
2013.02.151.634Bugfix: Remember current level in current collection when pasting some level (and changing to empty collection).
Bugfix: Correct calculation for untouched boxes during go through (thanks to Shamying for feedback).
2013.01.311.633Added: Check for not closed level (only for play, solutions not accepted). Verify for player (in player combo box). Player name added for Ctrl-L.
2012.12.211.632Added/Bugfix: translation/localization for selection added (shown in title while ctrl-click).
2012.12.161.631Added: option to show grid dotted (as before) or as a line.
2012.11.271.630Bugfix: Show skin name in title on skin load; Added: Preserve skin index in registry upon exit and restore on startup; Added: Set in options currently selected skin with Shift-Fx.
2012.11.241.629Added: Iterate over skins in skins folder with A and S.
2012.11.221.628Bugfix: Invalid display of selected area (ctrl-mouse) when zoomed and scrolled.
2012.11.161.627Bugfix: Sometimes more than one solution are marked as best in its' class PMISC (when preserving more than one solution per criteria).
2012.10.041.626Bugfix: Go through boxes functionality is working again (was broken in 1.624).
2012.11.041.625Bugfix: possible preserving of a solution several times (when more than 1 solution per criteria is requested).
2012.11.011.624Added: Alt-D will remove double lines from clipboard (then you can use it as normal clipboard), do not press alt-D twice, or you will remove more double lines than needed. Auto correct double lines (pasted from clipboard). Alt-F9 toggles showing untouched boxes. 'End' jumps instantly to final result. 'Home' (works only in finished state) reloads level and puts mark only on untouched boxes. Options: Instant Undo/Redo and IM toggels single step added. At finished state if there are stars arround congratulations (i.e. *** Congratulations ***) that means there are some non moved boxes. Option: "Show untouched boxes when level is solved". Adding: %u added to title formatting.
2012.10.111.623Added: Support for unsolvable levels (add/remove level). Option single step for backspace/space added.
2012.10.061.622Added: Possibility to configure showing menu on mouse click (for example middle mouse click).
2012.08.151.621Bugfix: multiple selection (with ctrl and mouse) may calculate incorrectly total number of balls when multiple areas are selected. Thanks to Ming for the feedback.
2012.07.281.620Added: Alt-Shift-L copy to clipboard level and title with spaces in level replaced with '-'.
2012.07.241.619Bugfix - Sometimes solved level is not played with F2. Bug introduced in 1.332 during code clean. Thanks to shengli03 for reporting the problem.
2012.05.221.618Bugfix - do not calc as valid column spaces marked with '-' (trim right spaces outside level), visible in title and when ruler is shown.
2012.05.021.617Bugfix - some problems with full screen mode (F11) on multiple monitors. Fixed bug with hide/show status bar (ctrl-F11)
2012.04.071.616Added: Option to move to next not solved level with left mouse click (right mouse goes to next), or vice versa if not selected.
2012.03.241.615Added: Show current cell coordinates at bottom right corner in ruller mode (also option to show them always).
2012.03.101.614Bugfix - error when saving solution for levels with more than 128 columns or lines.
2012.02.101.613Bugfix - incorrect calculations (or even crashes) when selecting area with ctrl-left mouse which is outside level.
2012.02.021.612Added: ctrl left mouse will select area and calculate boxes, targets and box on targets
2011.12.301.611Bugfix - first push (if man is next to the box initially) is not counted as a shelding step (bug was introduced in version 1.500).
2011.12.261.610Bugfix - sometimes when there are more than one solution per level YSokoban shows incorrectly a marker for best moves solution.
2011.09.281.609Option to export only best solutions.
Bugfix - crash when exporting some solutions. Happens sometimes when you have more than one solution per criteria.
2011.08.221.608Added: Option for large buttons.
2011.08.131.607Added: Selecting animation speed. Filter unsolvable during export.
2011.08.031.606Few bugfixes. Implemented few new features in macro support. See history.txt inside zip
2011.04.221.605Option "Animate finish" added. Smooth centering of level. Ctrl-F11 - toggle status/menu bar.
2011.04.111.604Alt-L - copy to clipboard only original level. Requested by Ming.
2011.03.161.603Options dialog split into Skin & Options dialogs. Reason: dialog is too big to show on netbooks. Fixed some flickering (when using scrollbars). Added Ctrl-N to toggle net (grid).
2011.03.131.602Cosmetic change: Height of buttons (Collection, Macro, O, *, IM) increased to a normal size.
2011.03.121.601Added possibility to activate menu from Transform dialog, because on Linux (with WINE) system menu is not accessable by YSokoban.
2011.03.081.600Support for resizable skins. Full screen mode (please note F11 will toggle full screen mode, solution browsing is with F12/Ctrl-F12). Many thanks to Ming for cooperation and testing during development of a new version.
2011.01.301.500Macro support added. Requested by Ming.
2010.12.181.350Support for pasting multiple levels in sokojava format. Requested by Ming.
2010.12.181.349Support for pasting sokojava format (everything before "[param...]" and after "[/param" is ignored). Requested by Ming.
2010.11.161.348Support for sokojava in ctrl-M (for MF8 group). Requested by Ming.
2010.11.051.347Bug fix: Correct handling of edit box with level number even if there are marked levels (with ctrl-number). Thanks to Ming.
2010.10.231.346Ctrl-I will paste moves instantly (without visualization). Requested by Ming.
2010.10.221.345Removed restriction to replay solution by steps (ctrl-shift-V) now works for all solutions (there was 25000 limit for historical reasons).
2010.10.071.344Improved error message box during collection read/import. Now it has 2 buttons: OK - close dialog and report next error (if any) and Cancel - do not report errors anymore.
2010.09.071.343Bug fix in go-through algorithm (another complicated go-through box problem). Thanks to Ming for created test levels.
2010.09.021.342Bug fix in go-through algorithm (handle double go-through boxes). Thanks to Ming.
2010.08.231.341Bug fix: Do not switch to first solution (if level has more than one) after replay. Thanks to Ming.
2010.08.101.340Bug fix: Crash if there is invalid level when importing file with solutions. Thanks to findus.
2010.08.041.339Bug fix: Another rare crashes fixed (happens when changing level or player). Thanks to Ming for bug report.
2010.08.031.338Bug fix: Crashes sometimes in export level solutions when keeping more than one solution. Thanks to Ming for bug report.
2010.07.241.337Better handling of level edit box when entering level manually.
2010.06.261.336Change in a way "File Selection Dialog" selects default folder - now it uses folder of last collection. Requested by Ming.
2010.06.211.335Small modification for submit solution: config filename is SubmitSolution.cfg (instead of .url, because windows completely hides extension, .url is still accepted).
2010.06.151.334Added support for submitting solution for MF8 competition. Use Ctrl-Alt-F11 or Ctrl-Shift-F11 there should be SubmitSolution.url file in YSokoban folder. Requested by Chao Yang.
2010.06.091.333Added drag-drop collection/skin to YSokoban. Requested by Ming.
2010.06.031.332Bug fix: sometimes crashes when replaying solution (or solved again). Bug introduced in 1.321. Thanks to Ming for bug report.
2010.05.301.331Bug fix: corrected letter marks for solutions ("PMICS"), thanks to Ming. Fixed some crashes during level export (ctrl-L and export)
2010.05.271.330Bug fix in MF8 export (ctrl-M). Thanks to Ming.
2010.05.111.329Improved scrollbar usage (do not show both if not needed), resize when hide/show ruler.
2010.05.091.328Bug fixes: scrolling hides last row/column walls (reported by Ming). Improved display of go-through boxes. Go through target with kbd (for last box) just before solving level (reported by Yang Chao).
2010.04.301.327Added save/load of solution state - ctrl-S/ctrl-D. Requested by Yang Chao.
2010.04.221.326Bug fix (bug introduced in 1.321). Solution import now works again. Thanks to Ming.
2010.04.131.325Added bookmarks. Ctrl-digit will bookmark level. digit (alone) will jump to bookmarked level. Thanks to Ming.
2010.03.271.324Bug fix: wrong display of pushes/moves for some solutions.
2010.03.021.323Write solution of trivial levels to exported solutions and to clipboard (Ctrl-L). Note v 1.321 changes sokoinfo file format.
2010.02.231.322Bug fix. "Best solution" indicator (letters PMICS for Push Move Inline Change Steps) are incorrect (namely I <-> C were swapped). Note v 1.321 changes sokoinfo file format.
2010.01.281.321Improved solution manager. Now one can specify the number of solutions which YSokoban should keep. This version will automatically convert .sokoInfo file to a new format and it will not be readable anymore by the old version (so please make a copy of your .sokoInfo files).
2009.12.241.220Remove '\' from pasted solution. Requested by Ming.
2009.12.201.219Fixed bug in go-through algorithm. Thanks to Ming.
2009.11.191.218Optimized pasting of level (pasting entire collection takes too long sometimes). Thanks to Ming.
2009.11.161.217Two changes in mf8 export (ctrl-m): add title/author (if exist), remove solution (if any). Requested by Ming.
2009.11.141.216Small optimization in algorithm "Which box push to here".
2009.11.041.215Another bug fix in algorithm "Which box push to here".
2009.11.021.214Bug fix in algorithm "Which box push to here", correctly finds all of them, but does not select nearest (bug introduced in v 1.130).
2009.10.151.213Ctrl-L will copy original level and current position (requested by Ming).
2009.10.111.212Option to use transformation for collection export (requested by Ming).
2009.10.061.211Fixed bug in export all solutions, introduced in 1.208. Thanks to Harpreet Singh for the bug report.
2009.09.291.210Do not print ruler in MF8 format export to clipboard.
2009.09.271.209Improved ruler functionality. ctrl-R / alt-R to activate letter/number ruler. (requested by Ming)
2009.09.231.208Added ruler functionality. Activate/Deactivate with ctrl-R. (requested by Ming)
2009.09.101.207Bug fix. It seems that there were some other cases where selected solution is changed unexpectedly.
2009.09.091.206Bug fix. If you have two solutions and replay the second one with F2, it will not auto switch anymore to the first one at the end.
2009.08.271.205Bug fix. Now title is recalculated after every transformation (rotations are important), so that %r and %c are correctly displayed.
2009.07.231.204ctrl-m will not put info for file, author, start line ... (this info is not needed in MF-8)
2009.07.201.203ctrl-m (copy level to clipboard with MF8 format) now puts XSB part with '_' or '-' (depending on setting for RLE encoding).
2009.07.151.202Bug fix. Few strings now are auto changed during language change. YSokoban will not complain if language packs are newer version.
2009.07.141.201Bug fix. Added several hard coded strings to language packs.
2009.07.121.200YSokoban has support for localization. Requested by Ming.
2009.07.091.136New hot key ctrl-M to support MF8 format. See readme for more details (search for MF8).
2009.07.081.135Support for MF8 format (# + and @ are replaced with H x and a, and level starts with [soko=width,height] ends with [/soko]). Requested by Ming. See readme for details (search for MF8).
2009.06.141.134Bug fix introduced in 1.130. Sometimes auto selection for pushable select box on target even if there is a pushable box not on target.
2009.05.171.133Bug fix for copy level into clipboard introduced with 1.132 (puts unwanted "; Level 1").
1.132Improved export (requested by Ming).
2009.05.121.131Improved solution import (requested by Ming).
2009.05.031.130Optimized search for finding pushable boxes (which box can come to this cell).
2009.04.261.129Pressing left & right mouse buttons (or left button with shift) will act as select/move regardless of configuration.
2009.04.191.128Scrollbars in playing area. For details read readme.txt.
2009.03.211.127Playing solution (pasted or with F2 can be paused with space and run again witch ctrl-space
2009.03.151.126fixed some bugs introduced in 1.125
2009.03.101.125added: 2 more slots for skins; show pushable is enhanced, now one can select pushable box by clicking on it with same mouse button (saves one mouse click); added mouse action "show pushable (always but man)" which will show places where man can go if clicked on it (otherwise it works like "show pushable").
2008.12.261.124Bug fix: hangup when pasting levels with comments containing big numbers like 20080408e (try to RLE decode them)
2008.12.261.123Do not save pasted solution (they are not players solutions). Level is saved only if last move is done by the player.
2008.10.291.122Bug fix: stupid bug introduced in version 121 showing all levels as trivial.
2008.09.271.121Bug fix: no crash anymore when importing invalid solution file.
2008.09.271.120Bug fix finding solution for trivial level (level identified as trivial, but solution was wrong).
2008.09.141.119Trivial levels are not exported as not solved levels.
2008.09.141.118Solutions for trivial levels are also exported. It is possible to use F2 with trivial levels. Requested by Ming.
2008.09.131.117Trivial levels (those without boxes to move in normalized form) are considered solved during export. Requested by Ming.
2008.08.171.116A minor problem fixed (thanks to Ming). Do not make a strict check when importing level solutions (process them case insensitive).
2008.06.231.115Bug fix in 1.114 (thanks to Ming) + enhancement: % will split to many files (containing both level and solution), %% to many xsb and xht files.
1.114Export solutions one level per file. Specify % (replaced by level number) in filename. (requested by Ming)
2008.05.291.113ctrl-alt-V & ctrl-shift-alt-INS will paste solution playing step by step, shift-F2 & alt-F2 will play solution step by step. (requested by Ming)
2008.03.071.112Added option to put solution on one line when using ctrl-L. (requested by Ming)
2007.12.291.111Fixed minor bug. Title or Author was not correctly processed if there are digits and '#' in them.
2007.11.051.110Added an option to put "Solution:" on a separate line (option is ON by default). It was requested by Brain to make YSokoban compatible with common sokoban file format.
2007.10.121.109F11 automatically starts default browser with appropriate URL for current level scores. If no such level score is available you will get error page or start page of hosting site (in this case atspace.com).
2007.10.091.108Support for full RLE encoding for solutions.
2007.10.071.107Support for hash code (with F12). Used to get level solution (still working on this) from YSokoban.atspace.com.
2007.09.151.106"Stay on top" implemented.
2007.08.221.105Bug fix: import does not work. Improvement: import will import solutions which does not start with "Solution:", but they still should be one line.
2007.06.271.104Changes requested by Ming: Added option not to save solution for incorrect levels (number of boxes != number of targets). Added hot key ctrl-alt-left/right arrow which jumps to prev/next incorrect level
2007.06.051.103Few cosmetic changes. Added warning message if attempt to save partial solution (because of possible internal error).
2007.05.281.102Bug fix (thanks to Ming). Some problems with finding path with go-through (hint shows that moving is possible but does not do it actually).
2007.04.071.101Implemented export of non solved levels.
2007.04.061.100Bug fix (thanks to Ming). Corrected refresh in Instant Move mode (in some very rare cases). Added %b & %t format specifiers in title.
2007.03.221.99Bug fix (thanks to Ming). Importing solutions now works even when solution is not in correct case.
2006.12.241.98Bug fix. Importing solutions work even with levels which has more balls than targets or more targets than balls. In that case level is considered solved if there are no empty targets or no balls outside targets (depending on what is less: balls or targets).
2006.12.141.97Copy rest of solution to clipboard (ctrl-alt-C or ctrl-alt-Ins), requested by Ming. Please see readme for explanation.
2006.12.031.96Export of a solutions for current collection.
2006.11.201.95Replace all ' ' with '_' or '-' when copying level to clipboard if 'alt' is pressed together with Ctrl-L. Which one (_ or -) will be used depends on RLE packing level option. Thanks to Ming for the requested feature.
2006.10.071.94Replace all '>' with ' ' when pasting level. The idea is to skip all '>' characters which are inserted in reply emails (at the beginning of a line). Thanks to Ming for the requested feature.
2006.09.091.93Bug fix (thanks to Ming) now selection of first collection in combo box is OK. Normally it sokoban does not change it because it is the current one, but if there is a level pasted then first collection should be selected.
2006.07.021.92Bug fix (thanks to Ming) when pasting levels RLE rules are not applied anymore to other level attributes (like Title, Author and so on).
1.91Default value to encode space is set to hyphen '-' (for RLE). Problem fix - clicking on wall crashes version 1.90. The problem disappear after recompilation and relink, so it is was not a bug but some other kind of a problem.
1.90Change in RLE packing support. There is an option how to encode space in RLE packed levels - with underscore '_' or with hyphen '-'.
1.89Support for RLE packed levels and solutions. You can paste RLE packed levels and solutions. Ctrl-Shift-L will copy to clipboard packed level and solution.
1.88Few bugs fixed (thanks to Ming). Some flicking removed. Correct behavior when selecting un existing collection from drop down list. Go to next level on left click (always) when level is finished.
1.87Bug fixed (thanks to Ming) in "Instant Move" screen refresh when "show direction change" is off (it seems like some boxes disappear).
1.86Bug fixed (thanks to Ming) in "Instant Move" screen refresh (it seems like some boxes disappear).
1.85Improved Instant Move performance, only large levels with HUGE (more than 200000 moves) solutions are affected. Bug fixed - now YSokoban will correctly preserve HUGE solutions (more than 200000 moves). Add new option - not to save solution for levels with only 1 box.
1.84Import and export of solutions. Before this version you can do that only for current level. Now you can export all solutions that you have (and import all of them).
1.83Corrected Ctrl-L. Now it gives level as it is in collection file, before level is in normalized form.
2005.01.031.82Bug fix (thanks to Ming for the bug report). Incorrect read of levels (could even hang up) if levels has a MAC format text file (CR only).
1.81Most option values are saved now in .SokoInfo file (not in registry). On first start program will copy all options from registry (if any) to user file. Only skin and level options are still in registry. I will move all of them to user file.
1.80Improvement of grid size calculations. When I work on transformed skins (from old to new format by Brian Damgaard) I find out that sometimes grid is not very nice (for example for 16x16 or 50x50 levels). Other small change is: selecting already selected ball will deselect it.
1.79New option introduced: Solution should have at least one push. If on (by default) program will require at least one push to be performed to consider level as solved (there are some levels which are initially in solved state).
1.78Configurable size text shown in title bar (requested by Ming). Now %r - rows & %c - cols could be used to select how level size should be shown, by default it is [COLxROW]
1.77Bug fix in path finding using go through. Hope there will be no more bugs in go through.
1.76Added: Option to show level size in title bar. Added: Mouse cursor change during ball (or man) drag
2003.12.031.75New button added - Instant Move (and new option for it). When pressed - sokoban moves instantly (no animation during move). Requested by Ming (needed for large levels).
1.74Bug fix (bug introduced in ver 1.73). Now it is possible to open a collection which is in a folder inside folder which contains exe.
1.73Small enhancement. Now program will keep relative path (if possible) to selected files (collection, skins, and player). I implement this because I put program on USB drive and find out that sometimes this USB drive is mounted on a different drive letter, so I have to change options.
1.72Bug fix in path finding using go through.
1.71Bug fix. Negative values displayed when there are more than 32768 moves or Pushes. Thanks to Marek Letrab for the bug report.
1.70A small bug fix. Pressing ctrl, shift or ctrl-shift will not increase animation speed anymore. Only replay speed will be affected.
1.69Better output in a clipboard for Ctrl-L. Collection button and combo box are moved after level (now level is at leftmost position - more convenient after resizing of a dialog).
1.68Bug fix in Ctrl-L (man is not displayed in interm positions). Bug fix - incorrect calculation of shelding steps in some of the saved solutions (thanks to Ming for reported bug).
1.67Ctrl-L added - copy of level into clipboard (suggested by Ming).
1.66Bug fix in "Go through box" functionality. Support for filename of a level as command line parameter. This functionality can be used to specify that double clicking on XSB file should start YSokoban with this file.
1.65Go through box functionality (suggested and inspired by Ming).
1.64Show and hide net in a level. Show squares outside of level in a different color (optional). Default skins changed. Old style skins are supported too.
1.63Rotating and mirroring of a level during play (suggested and inspired by Ming).
1.62Bug fix (thanks to Ming) in pasting a level from clipboard.
1.61Bug fix in push path finding (bug was introduced in version 1.50)
2003.03.161.60Settings for optimizing push path are added (Push path optimization in system menu). For more information read readme.txt
2003.03.091.53There is a button (Collection) to quickly select of a collection (equivalent to combo box "*** select ***" item).
2003.03.081.52Hint: "show non pushable boxes".
2003.03.071.51Now it is possible to paste text of a level (or even entire collection) with clipboard.
2003.03.061.50All internal functionality of the program is reworked. From user point of view - not much changes, that's why version number jumps, but not to 2.00. Ctrl-Home/End - jumps to first/last level in Collection. 10 collections (and users) are preserved, so you can quickly change them. More than one solution is preserved (best 5 according to five measuring values). Player info files are changed again, now they are *.SokoInfo. Old one (*.plr) is auto converted (or imported).
2003.02.031.24Support for compressed LURD format (for example: 5L3u77D)
2003.01.011.23Bug fix. Corrected problem with colors in 256 colors video mode
2002.12.301.22Support for case insensitive lurd format of a solution (for input). (Suggested by Ming)
2002.12.061.21Bug fix - now program correctly displays Author and title.
2002.04.121.20Bug fix "shelding steps" counter is now reset to zero at level start. (Thanks to V.Kindermans)
2002.03.161.19Support for "shelding steps" counter.
2002.02.161.18Bug fix (crashes on invalid levels). Uninstall implemented, skins loaded by default.
1.17Bug fix in test for level equality (thanks to Shaun Green for report and analysis of the problem).
1.16Improved test for level equality.
1.15Small change - collection combo box resizes with dialog.
1.14Supports following keywords in level files: Author, Title and Mouse.
1.13Option to disable mouse support (useful for kids).
1.12Two additional counters (Box changes & Straight line pushes) implemented.
1.11Some small changes and optimizations (invisible to user).
1.10Some changes in options menu. Now you can configure all 3 mouse buttons and even mouse wheel.
1.09Redo. Pause in solution play back.
1.08Option to count moves and pushes as in XSokoban. Keys to move to next/prev unsolved level.
1.07Option to auto save moves.
1.06Possibility to get hint about all balls that could be pushed to certain location.
1.02Added: Redo, Pause in solution play back.
+ Ctrl arrows - move to next/prev level,
+ Ctrl+Shift arrows move to next/prev unsolved level
+ Option to implement XSokoban like counting of pushes/moves.
* Bug fix. Do not save solution if pushes and moves are the same
+ Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V supported as copy & paste.
+ Auto save moves on exit
+ Show pushable balls and auto select nearest for move
+ Force minimum possible dialog size on skin chnage
* Bug fix. Corrected crash if two instances of sokoban started (problem to open the player).
+ Shows hints.
* Bug fix: It was possible to save incorrect information about how particular level was solved (in .plr file).
+ Supporting skins.
+ "Remember" last selected collection, user and level.
+ Improve handling of a collection file. Now it is possible to separate levels in a collection with empty lines or some text - in fact any line that does not start with #.
+ First stable version - 1.00, build 450.

This implementation is FREE. But ... if you like it and if you continue to use it, please send me an e-mail. If nobody uses it then there is no reason for me to continue support.

Put all separate XSB files in one text file

Two bat files to put all xsb files into one text file YSokoban supports multiple xsb files in one text file. Moreover it's preferred way. But sometimes you will find on the net (for example in XSokoban) all levels in a separate xsb files. To put them all in one text file is not an easy task. You can try "copy nul+*.xsb all_xsb.txt", but then you should edit manually the resulting text file. To put at least one line between levels I prepare two bat files. Unzip them in a directory which contains xsb files and start "all_xsb.bat" it will put all xsb files in a file all_xsb_files.txt. I did not like this solution very much but it works.

There is a better solution on http://grigr.narod.ru. Go to utils section and get xsb -> txt convertor. There is even a source code.

Sokoban utility to find duplicate levels

SokoDup is a utility program (no user interface, start from dos prompt). It checks for equal levels in collections and inside them.

Thanks to Shaun Green for his suggestions for program improvement and for tests and bug reports.

2017.01.191.33Support for Unicode: command line parameters, filenames, folders
2015.07.111.32dump filenames in utf8
2015.07.061.31added options -aAUTHOR, -tTITLE, -Lfilename. fixed bug dumping unicode files
2014.01.301.30Bugfix: exporting unique levels from files with exactly 2 levels is working correctly.
2014.01.121.29Unicode support for levels.
2013.09.151.28Added: support for non breaking levels connecting by line with '-' or '_'.
2013.04.231.27Bugfix: print just one notification (with line number) about wrong (binary format of a file) and skip the rest.
2013.01.281.26Bugfix: detecting non closed levels. Added: report number of invalid levels. Added: Option -f and -fn.
2012.12.291.25Command line param -c! added - means: no collection folder (so check file only against itself). Statistics added to every file provided on command line.
2012.01.251.24Invalid levels not dumped, option -I added to dump invalid levels. See readme for details.
2011.12.091.23Implemented options -s and -$. See readme for details.
2011.10.091.22Do not skip always binary files. Accept if not much bin symbols in line and write report where is the problem.
2011.08.301.21Bugfix: wrong output for options -u and -U.
2011.08.231.20Bugfix: options -u and -U are now working again.
2010.12.031.19Optimization and changes before version 2.00. Shall work faster (especially for -C option with large collections). Options -u (-U) are reported as not working.
2010.11.131.18Optimization and changes before version 2.00. Shall work faster and better (few minor bugfixes).
2010.03.271.17Better reports for -C -m
2010.03.131.16Skipping binary files in directory. Requested by Ming.
2010.03.081.15Bug fix: option -m now works correctly with -C. Thanks to Ming.
2010.03.071.14option -C added, better report for duplicates in collections. Requested by Ming.
2007.10.101.13option -l added, dump non unique levels.
2005.03.271.12option -U added (same as -u but will dump comments before level).
2005.01.031.11Bug fix (thanks to Ming for the bug report). Incorrect read of levels (could even hang up) if levels has a MAC format text file (CR only).
2004.11.251.10some minor bug fix (dumping unique levels)
1.09Option -c supports now name of collection folder
2002.07.031.08Option -u (suggested by Ming) added.
1.07Option -= (suggested by Ming) added.
1.06Options -i (suggested by Shaun Green), and -T, -E, -D, -N added.
1.05Enhanced criteria for equal levels search (suggested by Shaun Green).
1.04option to check all levels from collection folder.
1.03Bug fix (thanks to Shaun Green for report and analysis of the problem).
1.02option to dump normalized and/or cleaned level. Improved level equality test (suggested by Shaun Green).
1.01option to check for duplicate levels without boxes or without boxes & targets (suggested by Shaun Green).
1.00Created and published

Download SokoDUP (60 KB)

Sokoban utility to transform levels - rotate, flip (2020.01.02)

SokoXform program - transform Sokoban levels by rotating and/or flipping them. Program functionality was suggested by Ming.
Program can transform file with levels (and solution) by rotating/mirroring level (and solution accordingly) or/and RLE encoding level and/or solutions. Download SokoXform (100 KB)

02.Jan.20201.05Support for rle encoding of solutions too.
31.May.20061.04Support for rle encoding. Warning!!! YSokoban does not support RLE encoding in XSB files. Only copy/paste RLE encoding is supported in YSokoban. So do not use RLE encoded XSB files for YSokoban (and perhaps for many other Sokoban clones).
03.Jan.20051.03Bug fix (thanks to Ming for the bug report). Incorrect read of levels (could even hang up) if levels has a MAC format text file (CR only).
1.02Bug fix, now parameter 8 is correctly processed (thanks to Hans-Dietrich).
1.01Support for parameter value 0 & 8.
1.00Created and published

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