KBD Language Switch with CAPS or CTRL or SHIFT
for Windows NT/2K/XP/7

by George Petrov

Last modified on 2 Oct 2023
Current version of YLngSwitch is 1.10.04

Long time ago (in DOS times) I have a program which switches between Bulgarian kbd and English by using just one key - CTRL. If one presses CTRL (shortly without any other key) then program switches Bulgarian and English keyboards. With windows we use to use alt-shift for a long time, but it's much more inconvenient then single key. Now there is even better idea: to use one very rarely used key: CapsLock.

So when program is started then CapsLock will change language (if you use more than one language, like English and something else). If you prefer to use CTRL or SHIFT instead of CapsLock, then just start program with parameter ctrl or shift.

If using CapsLock key to switch languages then in order to get caps lock functionality you have to either long press CapsLock or press alt-CapsLock or ctrl-CapsLock or shift-CapsLock.

If you choose to use only Ctrl or Shift to switch language then you have to press and release them quickly without pressing anything else, otherwise they will work as normal Ctrl or Shift keys.

To make program autostart when user logs in, specify auto and then caps, ctrl or shift.

Program does not require administrative rights. Read readme file too (from zip).

Examples: start command line and then type following (or just use .cmd files directly by clicking them):

  YCmdSwitch auto
program will be started next time you login automatically with CapsLock.
  YCmdSwitch auto ctrl
program will be started next time you login automatically with CTRL as language switch key.
program is started and CapsLock will change language
  YCmdSwitch q
program will be stopped (if it is running) so it will not switch language anymore.

Download YLngSwitch

If you are going to use new version, please first stop the old one if it is running (by clicking on stop.cmd), otherwise you will not be able to copy new version over old one (because it is still working).

Stopping shall be done even before unziping downloaded zip, because zip will not be able to unzip .exe file while the old one is still running.

2023.*bugfix: using only ctrl to switch languages works again.
2022.*bugfix: problem with both caps and ctrl switching (sometimes ctrl functionality is lost).
2022.*bugfix: do not change language when caps lock is pressed with ctrl or shift.
2021.*bugfix: Right alt does not work when using caps ctrl switch.
2021.03.311.10+Added: Possibility to specify two ways to switch, CapsLock and ctrl or shift. Used with remote desktop.
2019.11.231.09+Added: when using shift (or ctrl) for switch, it has to be pressed for less than 200 ms (configurable).
2019.*Fixed: Using shift (or ctrl) to switch language is working again (broken in prev version 1.08)
2019.01.131.08+Added: Option to switch language by simulating ctrl-shift (or alt-shift)
2018.10.251.07+Added: Better support for remote desktop (when program is running on both computers - local and remote).
2018.10.191.06+Added: When CapsLock is selected for language switch: switch language on CapsLock down (do not wait for caps lock to be released).
2012.06.201.05+Added: Pressing CapsLock and any other key except alt/shift/ctrl will simply ignore CapsLock and language switch (up to now it switches Caps, so CapsLock+a up to now switches caps lock and puts A).
2012.05.251.04+Added: When using CapsLock it will act as CapsLock even on Caps-alt Caps-ctrl and Caps-shift (modifier key pressed after Caps not only before Caps).
2012.05.231.03+Added: When using CapsLock it will switch language only on short press (long press will do CapsLock).
2012.05.211.02*Bugfix: Now switching works in dialog boxes.
2012.05.181.01+Added: bypass ctrl-CapsLock and shift-CapsLock (do not switch if CapsLock is to be used as switch key).

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