Wiki implementation for Windows

Last modified on 2018.05.02
Current version of Ywiki is 1.06

Ywiki is a command line program which formats wiki style text files (MediaWiki formatting rules) into html. The reason to develop this program is:


No installation is required. Just unzip downloaded archive in some folder and use provided exe.


No de-installation needed - just remove .exe and that's it.


For now it is very simple: start program with parameter input .wiki file (and possibly name/folder where you want to get result).

For example:


shall convert this file into html file.

another example (using wildcard):

YwikiCmd *.wiki r:\

will read and format *.wiki files, putting resulting *.html on r:\

Supported format

Formatting follows MediaWiki rules. Implemented features:


Download Ywiki


Date VersionDescription
2018.* change: do not add ".html" for links if it already has .html
2017.* bugfix: bold and italic can start and end on different lines
2015.* bugfix: <pre>/<source> are automatically in <nowiki> state and shall not eat XML comments
2015.* bugfix: handling of <code> and comment inside line which starts with space
2015.* added: support for graphviz and quickgv
2015.* bugfix: another problem fixed when changing bullet type
2015.* bugfix: changing bullet type on same level; wrong html template hardcoded into program
2015. added: support for source tag (simply converted to pre)
2015. added: support for indent (:) and definition list (; and :)
2015.01.311.04.03+ added: bugfix: support external links with different label, i.e. [ MediaWiki] and pixel size for images
2015. added: support usage of <strike> and comments
2014.* bugfix: support usage of <b> and <i>
2014. added: support for external links (http & https)
2014. handle "row style", i.e. "|- ..." goes to <tr ...
+ handle captions: i.e. |+
+ template for generation (cmd line -tmpl parameter)
2014.* bugfix: handle "<pre>" correctly (auto-on <nowiki>)
2014.* bugfix: handle bar "|" inside <nowiki> section in tables.
* bugfix: do not put <p> in <pre> sections
2014.* bugfix: generate correct link when used without bar inside, i.e.: [[link]]
2014.* bugfix: do not put .html in internal links
2014.11.301.02.01* bugfix: handling of cell attributes
2014.11.301.02.00+ Accept col/row span.
* Correctly handle <nowiki>
* handle HTML tags
2014.* Bugfix: do not put <pre> for empty line with spaces on it
2014. Adding: -file command line parameter
2014. Adding: .html for links
2014. Added: support for tables; using of css in head
2014. First public release

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